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Grant from Innovation Fund Denmark to create a citizen-involving platform and rethink Denmark after a lock-down

2020.09.30 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

Professor Peter Dalsgaard has - together with the external company Kite Invent - received a grant from Innovation Fund Denmark.


REINVENT creates a citizen-involving platform with examples of how we can reopen and rethink Denmark after a lock-down that we experience with corona. The project develops a number of inspiration catalogs, where experts in collaboration with citizens discuss and develop solutions that suit a Danish context and the issues experienced in Denmark. The platform will be interactive, so that you can share and discuss the examples and thus make it a common resource catalog of ideas that can help citizens and decision-makers in the best possible way through the crisis situation.


News at Innovation Fund Denmark here.

Hvordan gentænker man et samfund i lyset af corona? News in Danish here.




Peter Dalsgaard, Professor

School of Communication and Culture - Participatory Information Technology