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Film on mindfulness and compassion training for hospice staff

New film release: ‘Strong back, soft front’, based on research from the Interacting Minds Centre and The Danish Center for Mindfulness.

The film ‘Strong back, soft front’ is based on a research project evaluating how mindfulness and compassion training affected hospice staff in their work with dying patients and their relatives. Previous research has shown that due to the emotional pressure constituted by their work life conditions, hospice care staff is at risk for developing compassion fatigue, meaning that they grow insensitive to their own and others’ need for care. 

The research project took place both at Interacting Minds Centre and The Danish Center for Mindfulness. In the mixed method study, Hanne Bess Boelsbjerg conducted interviews and field observations, while Nanja Holland Hansen analyzed questionnaires about the staff’s perceived level of stress among other indicators. 

In the film the perspectives of the researchers are mixed with the participants’ experiences of how the training changed them. Coming from expectations of ‘getting yet another tool’ to handle the difficulties occurring in the palliative care setting, they learn to listen more in depth into the situation including their own need for care. They discover what it means for them to stay present during turmoil and emotional pressure. And how their own sense of silence and strength may influence the dying person or the relatives. 

The film both gives a glimpse into the circumstances that hospice care staff has to deal with on a daily basis as well as reflects the atmosphere created by the training group gathered for practicing mindfulness and compassion. 

The film is produced by Mette Bahnsen from Persona film in collaboration with filmmaker Jakob Pagel Andersen. 

You can find it here in an English version: 

Vimeo: https://player.vimeo.com/video/674103646
Youtube: https://youtu.be/-5dlqMYjEkc

And here in a Danish version:  

Vimeo: https://player.vimeo.com/video/665582192
Youtube: https://youtu.be/_669EuALzgQ