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The IMC will open Denmark’s first All-Ages fNIRS Laboratory

High-quality fNIRS equipment to study human interaction

We are very pleased to announce the opening of Denmark’s first all-ages fNIRS laboratory this September! This addition to the IMC’s resources brings new potential for research and collaborations. The fNIRS devices are portable and tolerate movement, so they can be used to study humans interacting with each other and the world around them.

NIRx – and especially high-quality leader in fNIRS development – has be awarded the contract, which is funded by the CarlsbergFondet. The fNIRS devices can record up to 3 people simultaneously while they interact with each other or complete solo experiments. They are wireless and wearable so they may be used indoors or in outdoor naturalistic settings while sitting or moving and talking. They record similar information about brain activity as fMRI and can be used with children and adults. The devices are scheduled to arrive 14 September. Beginning 15 September, the IMC will host a series of special fNIRS seminars so that interested researchers can learn more about current research and possibilities.

Alongside the addition of the fNIRS devices, the IMC Lab will officially open this fall! The IMC Lab is located next door to the IMC. It houses multiple electroencephalograms (EEGs) and will be the home of Denmark’s first all-ages functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) devices. Lab space can be used for behavioral, cognitive, or neuroimaging studies. Use of this lab and its equipment must be pre-approved by Daina Crafa (daina.crafa@cas.au.dk). When you email her, please indicate which equipment you want to use and whether you have previous experience using such devices or if you require training.


Daina Crafa, Assistant Professor

IMC and School of Culture and Society