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Autism@Aarhus 2015 Symposium: 4th Anniversary Meeting

The program will include Uta Frith, Leonhard Schilbach, Diana Schendel, Arne Møller, Joshua Skewes, Raffaele Rodogno, Line Gebauer, Ethan Weed.

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Thursday 10 September 2015,  at 11:30 - 17:00


DNC Auditorium, Building 10G, Nørrebrogade 44, Aarhus Universitetshospital


Raffaele Rodogno



Uta Frith & Raffaele Rodogno
Welcome & Introduction


13.40-14.10 + 5 mins Q&A
Leonhard Schilbach (Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Munich)
Thinking about and being moved by others: Social interactions in highfunctioning autism


14.15-14.35 + 5 mins Q&A
Diana Schendel (Aarhus University)
ASD in the EU: What is being done for adult support and care?


14.40-15.00 + 5 mins Q&A
Ethan Weed (Aarhus University)
Modeling parent-child dyads in the linguistic development of children with and without ASD

Break with Refreshments

15.30-15.50 + 5 mins Q&A
Joshua Skewes (Aarhus University)
Which neurocomputational mechanisms underlie sensory differences in ASD?


15.55-16.15 + 5 mins Q&A
Line Gebauer & Raffaele Rodogno (Aarhus University)
Autism and Well-Being


16.20-16.40 + 5 mins Q&A
Arne Møller, et al. (Aarhus University)
Microstructural and chemical alterations in the brain of the valproate rat model of autism


Uta Frith
Concluding Remarks


ALL  INTERESTED  ARE  WELCOME. We look forward  to  seeing  you!