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2020.02.28 | Publication

Language as shaped by the environment: linguistic construal in a collaborative spatial task

Article published in Palgrave Communications

Foto: Rock Art Research Institute

2020.02.19 | Publication

Ældgamle indgraveringer i sten bringer os et skridt tættere på stenaldermennesket

En forskergruppe fra IMC har kombineret ældgamle arkæologiske fund med moderne kognitionsvidenskab. Studiet er netop publiceret i det videnskabelige tidsskrift PNAS.

2020.02.19 | Publication

The evolution of early symbolic behavior in Homo sapiens

New study published in PNAS shed light on some of the earliest examples of human symbolic behavior

2020.02.17 | People

Alberto Parola, Visiting Postdoc

New face at IMC

2020.02.12 | Grants

Art and Research on Transformations of Individuals and Societies

We are happy to announce the IMC being partner of a new 4 years project, ARTIS funded with € 2.994.277 by an Horizon 2020 grant

2020.02.11 | Publication

New article published in Nordic Journal of Psychiatry

Cross-cultural comparison of theory of mind deficits in patients with schizophrenia from China and Denmark: Different aspects of ToM show different results

Kommunikation og Presse, AU

2020.02.10 | Research

Academic Entrepreneurship in The Kitchen

Video about IMC proejct "CollaboLearn" can use the new facilities in the previous hospital building

2020.02.10 | Publication

New article by IMC researchers published in JMRI Mental Health

Smartphone Monitoring of Participants’ Engagement With Home Practice During Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: Observational Study

2020.01.29 | People

Christoph Mathys, Associate Professor

New face at IMC

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