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Arnault-Quentin Vermillet, PhD student

New face at IMC

2020.12.04 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

The emergence, evolution and resilience of collective behaviour is at the heart of my research interests. How is information processed within social and physical structures? What processes drive social cognition, from milliseconds to millennia? Generally speaking, I wish to shed some light on how systems built by humans (and other animals) embody the way they think and further constrain the way they behave.

I am currently a Phd student affiliated with the Faculty of Health and the IMC at Aarhus University, where I study the impact of parenthood on sleep, for mothers, fathers and infants. When and how often do infant cry at night? How do cry patterns evolve with age? What is the impact for parents’ day time functioning? And how parents organise to face such time of intense sleep stress? With the help of Christine Parsons and Joshua Skewes, I will attempt to tackle some of these questions using experimental methods “in the wild” using smartphones and wearable technologies.

Cognition and Computation, Social Dynamics, Complexity Science, Open Science, Sleep and Parenting


Arnault-Quentin Vermillet, PhD student

Twitter: @AVermillet, arnault@clin.au.dk