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Dan Ariely Visits Interacting Minds Centre

He says we're all lying and cheating a little. He's a best selling author and a three times TED speaker. He has his own app "Pocket Ariely" and he really wants to write a cook book. This week he visited Aarhus University and Interacting Minds Centre to give a lecture on (Dis)honesty.

Dan Ariely posing for a quick photo op in IMC´s meeting room before a busy day at Aarhus University (photos by Lars Pallesen)

On October 22, 2013, Dan Ariely, James B. Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University, visited Aarhus University to speak about irrationality and dishonesty in human behavior. He indeed gave an informative and engaging talk firmly based on scientific data, one of those he is so well-known for. We asked a couple of IMC staff to share their thoughts on Dan Ariely's lecture "(Dis)honesty" at Aarhus University.

Andreas Roepstorff, Center Director, Interacting Minds Centre:

 Dan Ariely's work elegantly demonstrates how complex it is to translate from choices to decisions. Through his unique experimental work, he has been able to identify both general features and specific elements of decision making. Surprisingly, the patterns of actions are not 'rational' and yet they are understandable and very human. Getting a grip on this is crucial in order to understand how people do things together. We are really happy to begin a collaboration with Dan Ariely's Centre for Advanced Hindsight at Duke, and ICOA and IMC at AU to investigate the psychophysics of cooperative minds.

IMC Director Andreas Roepstorff with Dan Ariely

IMC Director, Professor Andreas Roepstorff interacting with Dan Ariely. Notice the Pinnochio T-shirt.

Panos Mitkidis, MA, Ph.D., Postdoc. Fellow, Interacting Minds Centre: 

One cannot stop admiring how Professor Ariely can easily give an insight to public audience from various disciplines into his scientific research, how he can make us understand so clearly such complex issues as psychology of every-day dishonesty of human beings. His good humor, immediate feel for the audience and natural humbleness gave an extra enjoyment to the lecture that will make us think twice before we take a pencil from the work home next time and why every financial crisis is a matter for all of us in every way. Those, who had a chance to speak with him during the reception following the lecture, could then get some valuable rational and honest opinions and advices about their research as well as every-day life and also maybe find out that among the very special things about him the most special is that Dan Ariely, except probably the most influential behavioural economist today, he is also a lovely person.

Dan Ariely lecturing about (Dis)honesty

"We all cheat - a little". Dan Ariely does his lecture on honesty and dishonesty in Aarhus University.

Your Honest Opinion, Please

Did you hear Dan Ariely's lecture "(Dis)honesty" at Aarhus University this week? What did you think of it? Do you agree or disagree with Andreas and Panos? We'd love to hear your thoughts and comments in the comments section below. Honestly.

Dan Ariely in the house