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2020.09.17 | People

Assistant Professorship to Marc Andersen

Welcome to an "old" face at IMC to a new position!!!

2020.09.15 | Lecture/talk

På jagt efter legens overraskelser

Uddannelsesdebatten 2020 - Keynote speak af Marc Malmdorf Andersen

2020.09.11 | Research

The Danes' behavior during the Corona Crisis

New status report from the HOPE project, funded by the Carlsberg Foundation

2020.09.10 | Publication

Neural arbitration between social and individual learning systems

Article by Christoph Mathys et al published in eLife

Sol Cotti

2020.09.10 | Research

Why Your Brain Short-Circuits When a Kid Cries

Christine Parsons interviewed for the The New York Times

2020.09.10 | People

Astrid Lehrmann, Intern

New face at IMC

2020.09.09 | Research

Interdisciplinary research can explain human behaviour

Forskerzonen Podcast with Andreas Roepstorff

2020.09.08 | Grants

Patterns of Interactions: Emergence and Consequences

Grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark to new research project

2020.09.08 | Grants

Facebook’s Foundational Integrity Research: Misinformation and Polarization

Michael Bang Petersen and Alexander Bor have received a DKK 863,000 grant from Facebook. The grant will go towards exploring the psychological motivations behind political hatred and the sharing of misinformation on social media.

2020.09.03 | Grants

Grant from Velliv Foreningen to research in Hospices and how the employees can prevent stress and burn-out

Hanne Bess Boelsbjerg from IMC is member of the research group

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