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2020.05.01 | People

New Professor in Cognitive Science

From 1st May 2020 Mikkel Wallentin is appointed Professor in Cognitive Science at School of Communication and Culture.

2020.04.28 | Publication

How is the COVID19 Pandemic Affecting European lives?

A new report on sources of stress from the coronavirus in EU countries is published at the Open Science Framework. Andreas Lieberoth from IMC is PI on this project.

2020.04.28 | People , Research

New faces at IMC

Seven Research Assistants are hired to collect ethnographical data for the new project HOPE - How Democracies Cope with COVID19

2020.04.27 | Grants

Additional grant from Carlsberg Foundation

The HOPE project was awarded an additional 2.4 million DKK from the Carlsberg Foundation. This funding supports day-to-day collection of data on the behavior of the Danish public. The data will be transferred to Statens Serum Institut for use in models of the spread of infection based on, among other, populational behavior.

2020.04.02 | Research

Creating stimulating home learning environments during #COVID19 is a wonderful and a difficult challenge

As an inspiration for families researchers from the CollaboLearn project at IMC share some prototype acitvities. The method is developed for autistic children but can be used by everyone.

2020.03.31 | Research

Forskere: Den rigtige coronakrise kommer først nu

Kronik i Politiken 31.03.20 af Michael Bang Petersen og Andreas Roepstorff

2020.03.27 | Research

How is Coronavirus affecting your life?

Now you have the opportunity to help the researchers. Answer the questionnaire and you will help the researchers to understand what the corona epidemic means to the human psyche.

Foto: Shutterstock

2020.03.27 | Research

Gør corona-epidemien dig nervøs eller stresset? Og hvor meget stoler du på din regering under denne verdensomspændende krise?

Andreas Lieberoth (DPU, IMC) står i spidsen for et stort, international forskningsprojekt, som skal afdække, hvordan corona-epidemien påvirker os psykisk.

2020.03.19 | Grants, Research

HOPE - How Democracies Cope with Covid19: A Data-Driven Approach

New research project funded by the Carlsberg Foundation

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