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2020.01.09 | Research

Horse Inside Out

IMC collaborates with Wunderland on immersive performance installation at ARoS

2020.01.08 | Calls

Considering a PhD?

Information meeting 13 January for potential PhD applicants

2019.12.20 | Grants, Research

Embodying Academia

AUFF NOVA grant to IMC Researchers

Foto: Shutterstock

2019.12.18 | Research

Gender differences in the brain

Podcast from videnskab.dk with IMC Researchers Mikkel Wallentin and Uffe Schjødt

2019.12.10 | Grants, People

Aarhus University Research Foundation grant to IMC researcher

Panos Mitkidis receives 2.3 mio from AUFF NOVA Grant for the project “The Dark Side of Commitment: investigating how a sense of commitment can motivate and justify corrupt behavior”

2019.12.06 | PLAYTrack

New Playtrack Bootcamps announced

"Dark Play" and "Healing" Bootcamps in Autumn 2020

2019.12.02 | Publication

Sticky Creativity. Post-it Note Cognition, Computers, and Design

Book published by IMC researchers

2019.11.29 | Research

Fake news and hostile behaviour on the internet

IMC Professor Michael Bang Pedersen participated in the Carlsberg Foundation podcast "24 questions to the Professors" at Folkemødet this summer

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