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2019.11.26 | People , Grants

The New Parent Sleep Experience: sensitivity to infant signalling across genders and culture

Christine Parsons has received a Carlsberg Foundation Young Researcher Fellowship for a new project

2019.11.26 | Publication

New Resources to Inspire Inventiveness in the Primary and Early Years Classroom

Savhannah Schulz has contributed to new teaching resources during her research stay abroad

2019.11.21 | Workshop

OYD @ the IMC

Spring 2020 schedule

2019.11.08 | Publication

Positive social feedback alters emotional ratings and reward valuation of neutral faces

Article published in Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology

2019.11.01 | Publication

Predicting mentalizing deficits in first-episode schizophrenia from different subdomains of negative symptoms

Article in the Journal Schizophrenia Research

2019.10.30 | Research

Algoritme kan forudsige bæltefikseringer

Forskere fra IMC har trænet algoritme til en stor mængde data fra psykiatrien i Region Midtjylland

2019.10.30 | Publication

Predicting mechanical restraint of psychiatric inpatients by applying machine learning on electronic health data

New results published in Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica

2019.10.28 | Publication

This is for you: Social modulations of proximal vs. distal space in collaborative interaction

New paper out from IMC researchers in Scientific Reports

Photo: Dansk Selskab for Psykosocial Medicin

2019.10.11 | People

Charlotte Nørholm announced "shooting star" in competition

Danish Society for Psychosocial Medicine awarded her the prize in the category "Best Communicator"

2019.10.11 | Research

Ny forskning: Vi er ikke mere aggressive online end offline

Professor Michael Bang Petersen forsker i adfærd i den politiske SoMe-debat. I denne artikel fra Carlsbergfondet fortæller han om de seneste resultater af en undersøgelse af folks onlineadfærd, som han for nylig fremlagde på den årlige konference for American Political Science Association.

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