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Faustino Rizzo

Visitor Testimonial

Faustino Rizzo (website)

Who are you, where are you from, and what do you do?

I am Faustino Rizzo, a doctoral candidate in Italy at the Reggio Children's Foundation. I have a background in philosophy. My topics of interest are vulnerability and "special rights," the promotion and development of social justice, and education for active citizenship. My doctoral research focuses on the protection and care of children and adolescents born into mafia families. In my research project I am documenting the protection measures adopted by the juvenile justice system in Italy, and I am using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods to do so.

What were some highlights of your experience at the Interacting Minds Centre?

For three months I was a PhD visiting at the IMC where I approached microphenomenology with Katrin Heimann. We worked particularly on visualization skills and the comparison of interviewing methods. I was able to meet and interweave my work with other scholars and learn from them other ways of doing research and looking at the phenomenon I study with my research.

What has the stay at Aarhus University meant for you and your research?

The facilities, spaces, and libraries of the University and the city of Aarhus enriched the three months I spent in Denmark. Of particular note was the opportunity to address a topic little discussed in European universities, that of organized crime.  

What advice would you give future visitors?

Take the time to attend the IMC seminars and breakfasts, they are a great time to get to know those you work with and open new horizons for your research.