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Jonas Yde Højgaard

Visitor Testimonial

On this page you may find brief testimonials or reviews from previous visitors to the IMC. Each consisting of just a simple Q&A, these are meant to give you an impression of the diverse effects a visit might have, depending on the visitor's background and purpose. 

Jonas Yde Højgaard (website)

Who are you, where are you from, and what do you do?

I am a psychologist, newly educated from Aarhus University, Denmark, with interests in pedagogy, education, philosophy, neuroscience, and basically anything I can get my hands on. Currently, I am attempting to get a Ph.D grant in Aarhus, exploring the development of conflicts between parents, teachers, and students in cases of high amounts of school absence. I am especially interested in how social dynamics become more than the simple aggregation of individual intentions and actions, but take on their own dynamic, which may not be intended by any participants. 

What were some highlights of your experience at the Interacting Minds Centre?

I very much enjoyed getting to participate in the many various workshops at IMC. As far as possible, I will keep visiting these, insofar as I get to stay in Aarhus. These workshops opened windows into fields as disparate as actor improvisation, sonic meditation, measuring psychological aspects via computer games, and crows’ ability to use tools. I have also enjoyed myself during conversations with the regulars at IMC, where the light environment of IMC was conducive of both fun and interesting discussions.   

What has the stay at Aarhus University meant for you and your research?

I spend two months at IMC working closely with Andreas Lieberoth, doing review research on the potential effects of hobby related role-playing games. I will be able to integrate the insights that I have gained here, in a potential Ph.D in psychology. On a personal level, my stay has shown me that it is possible to have a research career focused on cooperation, rather than competition. A valuable lesson for an aspiring researcher, aiming to enter a generally competitive environment. 

What advice would you give future visitors?

Make sure you participate in the many events that are happening at IMC, and definitely participate in as many conversations over sandwiches as possible. You never know what you might learn.