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Sarah Laborde

Visitor Testimonial

On this page you may find brief testimonials or reviews from previous visitors to the IMC. Each consisting of just a simple Q&A, these are meant to give you an impression of the diverse effects a visit might have, depending on the visitor's background and purpose. 



Sarah Laborde (website)


Who are you, where are you from, and what do you do?

I am a French-Australian researcher, currently a postdoc in the Department of Anthropology at the Ohio State University, Columbus, USA. I do research in environmental anthropology within large interdisciplinary teams concerned with the sustainability of social-ecological systems. I especially study the way people learn about, modify, and adapt to the dynamics of aquatic systems such as rivers and lakes. I am also interested in group dynamics and social epistemology.


What were some highlights of your experience at the Interacting Minds Centre?

I was lucky enough to be there during the Interacting minds in collaboration symposium in Sept 2016, and so I got to spend time with the ‘extended family’ of the IMC. I very much appreciated the open-mindedness and diversity of this group. The atmosphere at IMC is very conducive to connecting, and to fostering serious science but in a relaxed environment: everyone felt genuinely interested in each other’s work, open to different approaches and keen to learn from them.  


What has the stay at Aarhus University meant for you and your research? 

Attending the symposium and discussing with IMC colleagues (especially after I presented some work in a seminar) has allowed me to progress on my ongoing research on collaborative dynamics, and to begin exchanges with a few of them that will hopefully lead to long-term collaborations. The visit to Aarhus also allowed me to continue a collaborative project with IMC researcher Niels-Viggo Hansen, and to progress on a visual anthropology work with a colleague from the Anthropology Department in Moesgaard. 


What advise would you give to future visitors? 

To plan enough free time to give room to impromptu conversations and collaborations!