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Gendering workshop

"Gendering" workshop - Julie Nelson (1/3)

Professor of Economics Julie Nelson from the University of Massachusetts Boston presents on “When is Gender Measurable? Insights from the Study of Gender and Risk” at the Interacting Minds Centre workshop “Gendering” 

"Gendering" workshop - Mikkel Wallentin (2/3)

Lector Mikkel Wallentin from Aarhus University, Center for Semiotics and Center for Functional Integrative Neuroscience comments on Julie Nelson´s talk "When is Gender Measurable?" (video 1/3). From the Interacting Minds Centre workshop “Gendering” held at Aarhus University on 16th of March, 2015.

"Gendering" workshop - Anne Fausto-Sterling (3/3)

Professor Anne Fausto-Sterling, the Nancy Duke Lewis Professor of Biology and Gender Studies at Brown University, presents on “Behind Every Method Stands a Theory” at the Interacting Minds Centre workshop “Gendering”.